Pride Rock

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Scar (The Lion King) - The Lion King II: Simba's Pride - Kiara
... the protagonist of the sequel Lion King ll Simba's Pride ... She is portrayed as the feisty, playful, and adventurous princess of Pride Rock, but her over-protective father, Simba, easily fears for her safety and employs the assistance of Timon ... revenge on Simba for exiling the Outsiders and spreads a wildfire throughout the Pride Lands ...
Circle Of Life - Act I
... In the beginning of act 1 Rafiki calls the animals to pride rock with two antelope and gazelles to witness the presentation of Simba ... Mufasa and Sarabi appear with their son Simba on Pride Rock as the two antelopes engage in more call and response ... The animals below turn to face Pride Rock and bow as Simba is presented ...
List Of The Lion King Characters
... Rafiki is a mandrill who lives in a baobab tree somewhere in the Pride Lands ... He performs shamanistic services for the lions of Pride Rock ... in the opening scene when he travels to Pride Rock to perform newborn Simba's presentation ceremony ...
The Lion King (musical) - Synopsis - Act II
... the Circle of Life is out of balance and a drought has hit the Pride Lands ... Nala fiercely rebukes him and resolves to leave the Pride Lands to find help ... Nala tells Simba about the devastated Pride Lands, but Simba still feels responsible for Mufasa's death and refuses to return ...

Famous quotes containing the words rock and/or pride:

    In the black of desire
    we rock and grunt, grunt and
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)

    some strange comfort every state attend,
    And pride bestowed on all, a common friend;
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)