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The Ghosts Of Inverloch - Notes
... Additionally, this album reuses many characters and elements that have appeared in previous albums Mr Albert previously appeared in Métro Châtelet, Direction Cassiopeia and Brooklyn Station, Terminus Cosmos The ...
The War Games - Production - Cast Notes
... Terence Bayler had previously played Yendom in The Ark ... Hubert Rees had previously appeared in Fury from the Deep and would return for The Seeds of Doom ... Edward Brayshaw had previously played Leon Colbert in The Reign of Terror.James Bree later played Nefred in Full Circle and the Keeper of the Matrix in The ...
Now That's What I Call Music! 24 (UK Series)
... Three songs from this album appeared on previous Now albums "Young at Heart" by The Bluebells previously appeared on Now 3, "Labour Of Love" by Hue Cry previously appeared on Now 10 and "Invisible Touch" by ...
Covers (Placebo Album) - Track Listing
... Is My Mind?" (originally recorded by Pixies previously appeared on the "This Picture" single released in 2003, but it had an introduction by a radio presenter) 344 3 ... (originally recorded by The Smiths previously appeared on the single to "Nancy Boy" released in 1997) 354 4 ... "Johnny and Mary" (originally recorded by Robert Palmer previously appeared on the "Taste in Men" single in 2000) 325 5 ...

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    A black sun has appeared in the sky of my motherland.
    Wuer Kaixi, Chinese student leader. Quoted in Independent (London, June 29, 1989)

    He had previously complimented me on my paddling, saying that I paddled “just like anybody,” giving me an Indian name which meant “great paddler.”
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)