Preußen is the German word for Prussia. It also refers to:

  • Preußen (ship), windjammer built in 1902
  • SMS Preußen (1873), armored frigate
  • SMS Preußen (1903), pre-dreadnought Battleship
  • BFC Preussen, football club in Berlin
  • SC Preußen Münster, football club in Münster
  • SV Viktoria Preußen 07, football club in Frankfurt
  • Preußen Danzig, former football club in Danzig (Gdańsk)
  • 5628 Preussen, asteroid

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... In 2006, automated control was taken to the point where sailing can be operated by one person using a central control unit on the boat the Maltese Falcon, a yacht built by the Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tom Perkins ... The boat is 88 meters long with 3 masts, 58 meters high with a total sail area of 2400 m² — which is half the size of Preussen ...
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... Grosser Kurfürst was lost in 1878 during maneuvers shortly after her commissioning, when a pair of small sailing boats crossed the bows of Grosser Kurfürst and König Wilhelm, which caused both ships to undertake emergency maneuvers ... In the confusion, König Wilhelm collided with Grosser Kurfürst, causing the latter to sink ...
SMS Preussen (1903) - Service History - Post-war Career
... Preussen served in this capacity with the newly reformed Reichsmarine until 1929 ... She was stricken from the naval register on 5 April 1929 the Reichsmarine sold her to ship breakers on 25 February 1931 for 216,800 Reichsmarks ...