Preserved Benefits

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Superannuation In Australia - Operation - Access To Superannuation
... strict government rules prevent early access to preserved benefits except in very limited and restricted circumstances, including severe financial hardship or on ... Generally, superannuation benefits fall into three categories Preserved benefits Restricted non-preserved benefits and Unrestricted non-preserved benefits ... Preserved benefits are benefits that must be retained in a superannuation fund until the employee's 'preservation age' ...

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    Through all opposition the personal benefits of the reform [dress] [bracketed word in original] have compensated; but had it been mainly sacrifice, the thought of working for the amelioration of women and the elevation of humanity would still have been the beacon-star guiding me on amid all discouragements.
    Susan Pecker Fowler (1823–1911)

    The primary imperative for women who intend to assume a meaningful and decisive role in today’s social change is to begin to perceive themselves as having an identity and personal integrity that has as strong a claim for being preserved intact as that of any other individual or group.
    Margaret Adams (b. 1916)