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  • Definition: Relationship of presenting part to maternal pelvis: and based on presentation:
    • Cephalic presentation
      • Vertex presentation with longitudinal lie:
        • Left occipitoanterior (LOA)—the occiput is close to the vagina (hence known as vertex presentation) faces anteriorly (forward with mother standing) and towards left. This is the most common position and lie.
        • Right occipitoanterior (ROA)—the occiput faces anteriorly and towards right. Less common than LOA, but not associated with labor complications.
        • Left occipitoposterior (LOP)—the occiput faces posteriorly (behind) and towards left.
        • Right occipitoposterior (ROP)—the occiput faces posteriorly and towards right.
        • Occipitoanterior —the occiput faces anteriorly (absolutely straight without any turning to any of the sides)
        • Occipitoposterior —the occiput faces posteriorly (absolutely straight without any turning to any of the sides)
      • Face presentation
    • Breech presentation with longitudinal lie:
      • Left sacrum anterior (LSA)—the buttocks, as against the occiput of the vertex presentation, like close to the vagina (hence known as breech presentation), which like anteriorly and towards the left.
      • Right sacrum anterior (RSA)—the buttocks face anteriorly and towards the right.
      • Left sacrum posterior (LSP)—the buttocks face posteriorly and towards the left.
      • Right sacrum posterior (RSP)—the buttocks face posteriorly and towards right.
      • Sacrum anterior(SA)—the buttocks face anteriorly.
      • Sacrum posterior (SP)—the buttocks face posteriorly.
    • Shoulder presentation with transverse lie are classified into four types, based on the location of the scapula (shoulderblade); note: this presentation needs to be delivered by cesarean section.
      • Left scapula-anterior (LSA)
      • Right scapula-anterior (RSA)
      • Left scapula-posterior (LSP)
      • Right scapula-posterior (RSP)

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