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Presence, particularly MPOP, requires collaboration between a number of electronic devices (for example IM client, home phone, cell phone, and electronic calendar) and the presence services each of them are connected with. To date, the most common and wide-scale implementations use closed systems, with a SPOP (Single Point of Presence, where a single device publishes state). Some vendors have upgraded their services to automatically log out connected clients when a new login request reaches the server from a newly connecting different device. For presence to universally work with MPOP support, multiple devices must be able to not only intercommunicate among each other, the status information must also be appropriately handled by all other interoperable, connected presence services and the MPOP scheme for their clients.

2.5G and, even more so, 3G cell phone networks can support management and access of presence information services for mobile users cell phone handsets.

In the workplace, private messaging servers offer the possibility of MPOP within a company or work team.

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