Predicate Focus

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Coptic Language - Grammar - Verbs - Tense/aspect/mood Inflection
... table Tense name (Lambdin) Approximate range of use Present I Present time in narrative (predicate focus) Relative of Present I Non-subject relative ...

Famous quotes containing the words focus and/or predicate:

    If we focus exclusively on teaching our children to read, write, spell, and count in their first years of life, we turn our homes into extensions of school and turn bringing up a child into an exercise in curriculum development. We should be parents first and teachers of academic skills second.
    Neil Kurshan (20th century)

    The predicate of truth-value of a proposition, therefore, is a mere fictive quality; its place is in an ideal world of science only, whereas actual science cannot make use of it. Actual science instead employs throughout the predicate of weight.
    Hans Reichenbach (1891–1953)