• (verb): Cause (a horse) to bound spring forward.
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Miles Prance
... Miles Prance (fl ... Prance was known to be Roman Catholic and suspicion fell upon him for the death, which was thought by many to be suicide ... Bedloe, a notorious confidence trickster and later a Popish Plot accuser, investigated Prance and interrogated one John Wren, Prance's lodger who owed rent ...
... Species include Hunga cordata, Prance Hunga gerontogea, (Schltr.) Prance Hunga guillauminii, Prance Hunga mackeeana, Prance ...
Thomas Godden - Life
... The perjurer Miles Prance, upon being examined on the murder of Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey, swore that Godden and his servant Lawrence Hill had been concerned in the crime, and that Godfrey's ... Why Prance named Godden and Hill has never been clear, but he had been threatened with torture and was desperate to give the authorities information which might secure his freedom ... Hill, at the trial, courageously accused Prance of perjury " he knows all of this is as false as God is true" and prophesied correctly that he would in time recant, but only ...
Kjell Bloch Sandved - Published Work
... ISBN 978-0-590-48003-1 Prance, Anne E ... Prance (Author), Kjell Bloch Sandved (Photo) ... ISBN 978-0-88192-262-2 Prance, Ghillean Tolmie (1985) ...
Robert Moses' Kin - Performances
... Stanford Lively Arts 2007 Lucifer’s Prance, Doscongio, and Speaking Ill of the Dead, presented at Dance New Amsterdam 2006 Cause, presented at Fall for Dance Festival, New York City ... Lucifer's Prance It is a dance performed for Philip Glass's opera Akhnaten ...

More definitions of "prance":

  • (verb): Spring foward on the hind legs.
    Example: "The young horse was prancing in the meadow"
  • (verb): Ride a horse such that it springs and bounds forward.
  • (noun): A proud stiff pompous gait.
    Synonyms: strut, swagger