Prairie Vole

The prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster) is a small vole found in central North America.

The vole has long, coarse grayish-brown fur on the upper portion of the body and yellowish fur on the lower portion of the body. It has short ears and a short tail, which is somewhat darker on top.

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Animal Sexual Behaviour - Neurochemistry - Role of NeuroHormones in Two Species of Vole's Mating Styles
... The mating style of prairie voles is monogamous ... After a male and female prairie vole sexually reproduce with one another, they form a lifelong bond ... Montane voles, on the other hand, exhibit a polygamous mating style ...
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... This uniqueness in the prairie vole behavior is related to the oxytocin and vasopressin hormones ... The oxytocin receptors of the female prairie vole brain are located more densely in the reward system, and have more receptors than other species, which ... In the male prairie vole, the gene for the vasopressin receptor has a longer segment, as opposed to the montane vole, which has a smaller segment ...

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