PPU can refer to:

  • Peoples Potential Unlimited - record label based in Washington DC, specializing in unreleased and obscure 80s disco and funk.
  • Palestine Polytechnic University - Hebron, West Bank
  • Peoria and Pekin Union Railway - a railroad
  • Physics processing unit - a dedicated physics microprocessor
  • Picture Processing Unit - a dedicated graphics microprocessor used in the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Pirate Party of Ukraine - a Ukrainian political party
  • Power Processor Unit in the Sony-IBM-Toshiba Cell microprocessor
  • The Peace Pledge Union - a British anti-war organisation
  • The Plastic People of the Universe - a rock band from Prague
  • Point Park University - a university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Power processing unit - a spacecraft component responsible for regulating electrical power
  • Peripheral Processor Units, or PPUs, were full computers in their own right, but were tuned to performing I/O tasks and running the operating system on the CDC 6000 series
  • Prvi Partizan - a Serbian ammunition producer often referred to as PPU for "Prvi partizan Užice"
  • Public Protection Unit - a branch of the British Specialist Investigation Department monitoring released sex offenders
  • Pending Pick-Up - indicates an item being sold is awaiting the customer's retrieval

Other articles related to "ppus, ppu":

Power Processing Unit
... Power processing units (PPUs) are circuit devices that convert an electricity input from a utility line into the appropriate voltage and current to be used for the device ... Instead of using a resistor, PPUs use switches to turn a signal on and off quite rapidly in order to change the average current and voltage ... In the context of spacecraft, the power processing unit (PPU) is a module containing the electrical subsystem responsible for providing electrical power to other parts of the spacecraft ...
Palestine Polytechnic University
... Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) is a university located in Hebron, West Bank, Palestinian National Authority ... PPU has five colleges College of Engineering, College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering, College of Applied Science, College of Administrative ... PPU is officially recognized by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and is an active member in the Rector Conference of Palestinian Universities, in the Islamic University Union, in the Arabic ...
Physics Processing Unit - PS2 - VU0
... the PlayStation 2's VU0 is an early, limited implementation of a PPU ... Conversely, one could describe a PPU to a PS2 programmer as an evolved replacement for VU0 ... would not be capable of implementing a full physics API, so it cannot be classed as a PPU ...
Maconomy - History
... Maconomy originates from the company PPU Software A/S, founded in Denmark in 1983 ... In 1989 PPU Software A/S defined a new strategy based on a new base technology, which was encapsulated in a subsidiary called PPU Maconomy A/S ...
Milan Hlavsa - Social Impact
... To circumvent the system, the members of the PPU took jobs working in the forest, and played unofficially with minor police intervention until 1976 ... That year, the PPU were members of a festival that promoted "druhá kultura", or second culture ... finding this opposed to their ideals, arrested and tried the members of the PPU ...