Powered Flight

Powered Flight

A powered aircraft is an aircraft that uses onboard propulsion with mechanical power generated by an aircraft engine of some kind.

Aircraft propulsion nearly always uses either a type of propeller, or a form of jet propulsion. Other potential propulsion techniques such as ornithopters are very rarely used.

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Hindenburg Cup - Winners
... 1928 Friedrich Karl von Koenig-Warthausen, for his flight from Berlin to Tehran 1929 Wolf Hirth, for various European flights and his flight to Iceland 1930 Powered flight Henry Schlerf, for volunteer training activities 1930 Gliding Robert Kronfeld, for his achievements at the 10th Rhön competition 1931 Powered flight August Lauw, for his flight from Wilhelmshaven to Alexandria 1931 Gliding Günther Groenhoff, for his success with the high-performance glider Fafnir 1932 Powered flight Elly Beinhorn, for her flights from Germany to Africa in 1931 and to Australia in 1932 ... Gliding Wolf Hirth, for his achievements in research and thermal flight 1933 Powered flight Charles Schwabe, for his flight from Böblingen to Cape Town 1933 Gliding Peter Riedel, for his "great flying performance" and observations of thermal updrafts 1934 Powered flight No trophy awarded 1934 Gliding Heini Dittmar, for setting altitude and long-distance records After the death of Hindenburg in 1934 the Hindenburg Cup was renamed the Adolf Hitler Prize (Adolf-Hitler-Preis). ...
John Stringfellow
... ideas centred around an underpowered steam-powered vehicle ... attention, nonetheless, as Stringfellow did achieve the first powered flight, in 1848, in a disused lace factory in Chard, with a 10 foot (3m), steam-driven ... The town's museum has a unique exhibition of flight before the advent of the internal combustion engine and before the manned powered flight made famous by the Wright Brothers ...
NASA's Flight Controllers - Shuttle Flight Control Positions - Flight Dynamics Officer (FDO or FIDO)
... Responsible for the flight path of the space shuttle, both atmospheric and orbital ... FDO monitored vehicle performance during the powered flight phase and assessed abort modes, calculated orbital maneuvers and resulting trajectories, and monitored vehicle flight profile and energy levels ... Support (ascent only) - provided expert support during the powered flight portion of an RTLS or TAL ARD Support (ascent only) - maintained the Abort Region Determinator processor which is used to ...
Boeing X-51 - Testing - Powered Flight Tests
... The first powered flight of the X-51 was planned for 25 May 2010, but the presence of a cargo ship traveling through a portion of the Naval Air Station Point Mugu Sea Range caused a 24 hour ... The X-51 completed its first powered flight successfully on 26 May 2010 ... seconds it did not meet the planned 300 second flight duration, however ...

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