Power Over Ethernet - Uses


Some types of devices with PoE include:

  • IP Security Cameras
  • Network routers
  • A mini network switch installed in distant rooms, to support a small cluster of ports from one uplink cable. (These ports on the mini-switch do not themselves provide PoE.) (In most modern VoIP phones a two-port switch is embedded to which a local workstation can be installed using a different VLAN from the voice-VLAN used by the phone itself)
  • Network webcams
  • Network Intercom / Paging / Public address systems and hallway speaker amplifiers
  • VoIP phones
  • Wall clocks in rooms and hallways, with time set using Network Time Protocol
  • Wireless access points
  • Outdoor roof mounted radios with integrated antennas, 802.11 or 802.16 based wireless CPEs (customer premises equipment) used by wireless ISPs.
  • Industrial devices (sensors, controllers, meters etc.)
  • Access control and Help-points (intercoms, entry cards, keyless entry, etc.)
  • Lighting controllers
  • Remote Point of Sale (POS) kiosks
  • Physical Security devices and controllers

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