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Political Positions

Power Line's authors typically support the conservative agenda, especially the Iraq war and the War on Terrorism. But they criticized former President George W. Bush for being insufficiently conservative on issues including immigration and affirmative action. The blog advocated the nomination and confirmation of judicially conservative judges during the Bush administration and regularly features analysis of court decisions. Power Line often vigorously criticizes Democrats and liberals for dishonesty, lack of morals, bad judgment and disloyalty to the United States. They occasionally attack Republicans for similar shortcomings, such as Senator John McCain for his position advocating the US should not "torture" suspected terrorists or "enemy combatants.",.

The Power Line authors believe the media suffer from systemic liberal bias because too many reporters and editors are partisan liberals. They frequently question the integrity of organizations such as Associated Press, the BBC, Reuters, and the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Power Line authors have repeatedly advocated criminal prosecution of CIA leakers and media outlets that publish national security information. They also frequently criticize the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, home to two of the Power Line authors.

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    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

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