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Mary Mac Pherran - Fictional Character Biography - Illness and Recuperation
... humiliated by her, Titania was offered the chance at revenge after obtaining the Power Gem, one of the legendary Infinity Gems, from its former owner ... The Fallen One had agreed to cease using the Power Gem as a condition of his defeat, but was free to gain his own revenge by proxy through Titania ... Jennifer Walters) then took advantage of Titania's confusion to pluck the Power Gem from the criminal's forehead, and proceeded to use the Gem's power to knock Titania out ...
Infinity Gems - Publication History
... The Soul Gem first appears in the The Power of Warlock, with all six appearing during the second Thanos War storyline in an Avengers and Marvel Two-In-One annual, with ... In the third volume of the Silver Surfer title, the character refers to the gems as Soul Gems ... They are gathered by the Elders of the Universe, who intend to use their combined power to drain Galactus of his lifeforce and then recreate the universe ...
Hood (comics) - Fictional Character Biography - Heroic Age
... This, along with other personal factors, gives him the desire to regain his power, and kill every one of the Avengers, no matter what team they are on ... named Ertzia and learns the location of one of the Infinity Gems ... After eliminating them, he locates the Reality Gem ...
Pasadena O'Possum - Gameplay
... takes control of Crash Bandicoot, who must retrieve the Black Power Gem of Ebenezer Von Clutch, along with the missing Power Gems in each of the five themed areas of the park ... will compete in races and minigames to earn Wumpa Coins, the park's currency, and Power Crystals, find the Power Gem needed to open up the five areas of the park, and ultimately unveil the mystery of the Power ... Extra Wumpa Coins and Power Crystals can be earned by playing driving minigames, some of which involve driving for the best lap time, crashing into as ...

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    Love may be the fairest gem which Society has filched from Nature; but what is motherhood save Nature in her most gladsome mood? A smile has dried my tears.
    Honoré De Balzac (1799–1850)

    The continuance of our passions is no more in our own power than the term of our life.
    François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680)