Power Do LLS: Detachment of Limited Line Service - 177th Squadron

177th Squadron

177th squadron is a special force for the OMNI Military. It was established during OMNI independence war, specialized on combat using X-1 bipedal PLD. This elite composite detachment consists of members from all branches of Omni Military, organized in 3 teams.

  • Team 1: Forest combat team. Specializes in hill and forest combat.
  • Team 2: Urban assault team. Specializes in city, fortress combat.
  • Team 3: DoLLS team. Specializes in surprise attack, sniper, infiltration. Third team, also known as POWER DoLLS, is an all-female combat group. In the video games, player controls this team. They also use state-of-the-art X-3 (and above) type Power Loaders.

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