Potato Virus Y - Potato Virus Y Hosts, Strains and Symptoms

Potato Virus Y Hosts, Strains and Symptoms

PVY belongs to the potyvirus genus. The potyvirus genus is currently the largest of the plant virus groups and is thought to be one of the most destructive families of plant viruses affecting potato crops. The genus includes more than 200 members that bring about significant losses in the agricultural arena. PVY infects many economically important plant species. These include potato (Solanum tuberosum), tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum), tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) and pepper (Capsicum spp.). The level of damage to crop is determined by the strain of PVY infecting the plants, the viral load, the time at which infection occurs as well as the tolerance the host possesses toward the virus. Resistance to PVY infection by hosts is low in many cases. Infection of a potato field with PVY may ultimately result in 10-100% loss in yield.

It has been shown that the PVY has different isolates according to the symptoms they induce in various potato plant species. Extensive biological, serological and molecular variability of PVY isolates makes the classification of isolates as particular strains particularly difficult. Occurrence of a variety of symptoms and the emergence of the necrotic PVYNTN has led to a search for more reliable classification tools than simple serological identification. Traditionally three chief strains of PVY are recognized: PVYC, PVYN and PVYO. PVYC, originally known as Potato Virus C, was the first to be recognized and was identified in the 1930s. PVYC induces hypersensitive responses in a wide range of potato cultivars. These reactions include the formation of mild mosaic patterns or stipple streak. Unlike the other strains of PVY, some PVYC strains are non-aphid transmissible. Previous studies by Visser et al. did not identify any of the local isolates as being PVYC but it has been reported to occur to in South Africa. A second strain of PVY is PVYN. Some notes on suspected variant of Solanum virus 2 (Potato virus Y). This strain was described in tobacco plants growing close to potato plants. PVYN results in leaf necrosis and mild or even no damage to the tubers. The ordinary strain of PVY is denoted as PVYO. Infection of a potato plant with the PVYO strain results in mild tuber damage and does not cause leaf necrosis. Both PVYN and PVYO are aphid transmissible and occur in South Africa. In Europe these two strains have been shown to have recombined to form PVYNTN. The PVYNTN has been accredited with the ability to induce potato tuber necrotic ringspot disease (PTNRD). Tubers damaged by PTNRD become unmarketable and infection by PVYNTN thus results in a larger economic impact than infection by the other strains.

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