Postville Courthouse State Historic Site

The Postville Courthouse State Historic Site is a now-reconstructed county courthouse in Logan County, Illinois in the United States. The original frame courthouse was built in 1840, and the current courthouse, which is a close replica of the first, was built in 1953. The building's unusual history is derived from its status as one of the courthouses used by lawyer Abraham Lincoln as he traveled the circuit of courtrooms in central Illinois. The courthouse replica is operated by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

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Postville Courthouse State Historic Site - The Aftermath
... After Postville became a neighborhood of Lincoln, the courthouse became a private home and gradually faded in importance ... In 1929, inventor Henry Ford, eager to buy historic old buildings, purchased the old structure for $8,000 ... everything to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan the original Postville Courthouse still stands there today ...

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