Posterior Limb of Internal Capsule

The posterior limb of internal capsule (or occipital part) is the portion of the internal capsule posterior to the genu.

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Posterior Limb Of Internal Capsule - Posterior
... The posterior third of the occipital part contains (1) sensory fibers, largely derived from the thalamus, though some may be continued upward from the medial lemniscus (2) the fibers of optic ... Claustrum White matter Semioval center Internal capsule (Anterior limb Genu Posterior limb Optic radiation) Corona radiata External capsule Extreme ... prop lower limb → 1° (muscle spindles → DRG) → 2° (Posterior thoracic nucleus → Dorsal/posterior spinocerebellar tract → ICP → Cerebellar vermis) upper limb → 1° (muscle spindles ...

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