Posterior Ciliary Arteries

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Ophthalmic Artery - Course and Branches - Posterior Ciliary Arteries
... The OA then turns medially giving off 1 to 5 posterior ciliary arteries (PCA) that subsequently branch into the long and short posterior ciliary arteries (LPCA and SPCA respectively) which perforate ... In the past, anatomists made little distinction between the posterior ciliary arteries and the short and long posterior ciliary arteries often using the terms ... The PCAs arise directly from the OA and are end arteries which is to say no PCA or any of its branches anastomose with any other artery ...
Classification of Ophthalmic Artery Branches - Ocular Group
... distributing vessels to the eye and its muscles, includes Posterior ciliary arteries Long posterior ciliary arteries Short posterior ciliary arteries Anterior ciliary artery Central ...

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