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Positive Predictive Value - Definition
... The Positive Predictive Value is defined as where a "true positive" is the event that the test makes a positive prediction, and the subject has a positive result under the ... The following diagram illustrates how the positive predictive value, negative predictive value, sensitivity, and specificity are related Condition (as determined by "Gold standard") Condition Positive Condition ... If the prevalence, sensitivity, and specificity are known, the positive predictive value can be obtained from the following identity ...
Methods - Probabilistic Record Linkage
... of truly matching records that are linked by the algorithm) and positive predictive value (or precision, the proportion of records linked by the algorithm that truly do match) ... identifiers agree, which has the effect of increasing the positive predictive value (precision) at the expense of sensitivity (recall) ... be expected to change only in the case of data error, would provide a more modest gain in positive predictive value and loss in sensitivity, but would create only twelve distinct groups which ...
Positive Predictive Value
... In statistics and diagnostic testing, the positive predictive value, or precision rate is the proportion of positive test results that are true ... measure of the performance of a diagnostic method, as it reflects the probability that a positive test reflects the underlying condition being tested for ... Although sometimes used synonymously, a positive predictive value generally refers to what is established by control groups, while a post-test probability rather refers to a probability for an ...

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    Success goes thus invariably with a certain plus or positive power: an ounce of power must balance an ounce of weight.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)