Portable Toilet

Portable Toilet

Portable toilets, often referred to as Porta Potties (American English), or Porta Loos (UK), are simple portable enclosures containing a chemical toilet which are typically used as a temporary toilet for construction sites or large gatherings because of their durability and convenience. Most portable toilets have black open-front U-shaped toilet seats with a cover. They are often constructed out of lightweight molded plastic. The modern plastic portable toilet has been manufactured since the 1960s.

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... Fabian first made advances towards Vanessa Openshaw, taking her outside to a portable toilet for some privacy ... what they were up to, and pushed the portable toilet over ... Fabian and Vanessa's portable toilet drifted out into open water they were airlifted to safety, with a news report suggesting they used the toilet as a makeshift boat ...
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... the Trade Association representing operators of Portable Sanitation units is PSE ... In the United States, a similar organization exists called the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) ...
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... more expensive than a standard permanent outdoor latrine, portable toilets have several significant benefits mostly related to their portability as they are self-contained they can be placed almost ... It's typically cheaper to rent a portable toilet than to hire a janitorial service to clean the restrooms on a weekly basis.As they are not plumbed, they do not clog ... A single portable toilet can be hauled in the back of a pick-up truck ...

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    Surely it is one of the requisites of a tasteful garb that the expression of effort to please shall be wanting in it; that the mysteries of the toilet shall not be suggested by it; that the steps to its completion shall be knocked away like the sculptor’s ladder from the statue, and the mental force expended upon it be swept away out of sight like the chips on the studio floor.
    Elizabeth Stuart Phelps (1844–1911)

    In the quilts I had found good objects—hospitable, warm, with soft edges yet resistant, with boundaries yet suggesting a continuous safe expanse, a field that could be bundled, a bundle that could be unfurled, portable equipment, light, washable, long-lasting, colorful, versatile, functional and ornamental, private and universal, mine and thine.
    Radka Donnell-Vogt, U.S. quiltmaker. As quoted in Lives and Works, by Lynn F. Miller and Sally S. Swenson (1981)