Port Charles - Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

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Actor Role Status
Jean Bruce Scott Colleen Russo 2000-2003 (recurring)
Susan Brown Gail Baldwin 1997–1999, 2003 (recurring)
Tori Falcon Alison Hebrart 2003 (recurring)
Lynn Herring Lucy Coe 1997–2003 (entire run)
Jon Lindstrom Kevin Collins 1997–2003 (entire run)
Kin Shriner Scott Baldwin 1997–2000, 2001
Rachel Ames Audrey Hardy 1997–2000
Jay Pickett Frank Scanlon 1997–2003 (entire run)
Nolan North Chris Ramsey 1997–2003 (entire run)
Nicholas Pryor Victor Collins 1997–2003 (recurring)
Julie Pinson Eve Lambert Collins Thornhart 1997–2002
Lisa Ann Hadley Julie Devlin 1997–2000, 2001
Mitch Longley Matt Harmon 1997–2000
Jennifer Hammon
Marie Wilson
Karen Wexler (#2)
Karen Wexler (#3)
Patricia Crowley Mary Scanlon Collins 1997–2003 (recurring)
Anastasia Horne Lark Madison-Scanlon 1997–1999 (recurring)
Michael Dietz
David Gail
Alex Mendoza
Joe Scanlon (#1)
Joe Scanlon(#2)
Joe Scanlon (#3)
2000–2001, 2002
Debbi Morgan
Marie-Alise Recasner
Ellen Burgess (#1)
Ellen Burgess (#2)
Renee Griffin Danielle Ashley 1997–1998
Rib Hillis Jake Marshak 1997–1998
Carly Schroeder Serena Baldwin 1997–2003
Sarah Aldrich Courtney Kanelos 1998–2000
Colton James Neil Kanelos 1998–2000
Kelly Monaco Olivia "Livvie" Locke Morley
Tess Ramsey
Kimberlin Brown Rachel Locke 1999–2000, 2001
Kiko Ellsworth Jamal Woods 2000–2003
Erin Hershey Presley Alison Barrington 2000–2003
Thorsten Kaye Ian Thornhart 2000–2003
Ion Overman Gabriela Garza 2000–2002
Brian Presley Jack Ramsey 1999–2003
Michael Easton Caleb Morley
Michael Morley
Stephen Clay
2001, 2002–2003
Brian Gaskill Rafe Kovich 2001–2003
Jed Allan Ed Grant 2001–2003 (recurring)
Eddie Matos Ricky Garza 2001–2003
Joy Bisco Casey Leong
Marissa Leong
2002, 2003
Rebecca Staab Elizabeth Barrington 2002–2003
Ian Buchanan Joshua Temple 2002–2003
Shannon Sturges Kate Reynolds 2002–2003 (recurring)
George Alvarez
Eddie Velez
Alex Garcia (#1)
Alex Garcia (#2)
Matt Amshey Michael Pomerantz 1999–2000 (recurring)
Vanessa Branch Paige Barrington Smith
Rebecca Barrington
Opal Anchel Arianna Shapour 2001 (recurring)
Sally Spaide Dr. Doreen Luccio 2002–2003 (recurring)
Laura Nevell Brenda Madison 2002–2003 (recurring)

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