Porous Silicon

Porous silicon (p-Si) is a form of the chemical element silicon that has introduced nanoporous holes in its microstructure, rendering a large surface to volume ratio in the order of 500 m2/cm3.

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Leigh Canham - Bibliography - Selected Papers
... Porous silicon-based scaffolds for tissue engineering and other biomedical applications, Jeffery L. 202, Issue 8, Pages 1451 - 1455 Gaining light from silicon, Leigh Canham, Nature vol. 411 – 412 (2000) doi10.1038/35044156 Progress towards silicon optoelectronics using porous silicon technology, L ...
Leigh Canham
... the optoelectronic and biomedical applications of porous silicon ... Canham and his colleagues showed that electrochemically etched silicon could be made porous ... This porous material could emit visible light when a current was passed through it (electroluminescence ...

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