Poring - Features


  • Butterfly farm

Borneo's first butterfly farm features a garden, nursery and hatchery for the purpose of research, education and the conservation of endangered species.

  • Poring Orchid Conservation Centre

With 1,200 species of orchids found with Kinabalu Park, the centre has the largest collection of Sabah's endemic orchids.

  • Kipungit Waterfall

Kipungit Waterfall is a 30-minute walk from Poring Hot Springs. The waterfall is smaller than the Laganan Waterfall, which is a 90-minute walk from Poring Hot Springs.

  • Tropical Garden

Mousedeer and other deer are exhibited with colourful birds in the aviary.

  • Poring Canopy Walkway

Visitors can stroll amidst the canopy of the Menggaris tree - the King of the Forest. The Walkway is 157.8m long and 41m high.

  • Accommodation

Poring Hot Spring features accommodation which used to be run by Sabah Parks under Kinabalu Nature Resorts in a very minimalist approach. Since then, the management has been taken over by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges, which on the one hand has significantly modernised the accommodation facilities, but on the other, rocketed the prices of especially the refurbished accommodations.

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