Polyamide-imides are thermoplastic amorphous polymers that have exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical resistant properties. These properties put polyamide-imides at the top of the price and performance pyramid. Polyamide-imides are produced by Solvay Advanced Polymers under the trademark Torlon. Other high-performance polymers in this same realm are polyetheretherketones and polyimides.

Polyamide-imides hold, as the name suggests, a positive synergy of properties from both polyamides and polyimides, such as high strength, melt processibility, exceptional high heat capability, and broad chemical resistance. Polyamide-imide polymers can be processed into a wide variety of forms – from injection or compression molded parts and ingots – to coatings, films, fibers and adhesives. Generally these articles reach their maximum properties with a subsequent thermal cure process.

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Polyamide-imide - Other Applications
... The high temperature and chemical resistance of polyamide-imides make them ideal candidates for membrane based gas separations ... Polyamide-imides can resist plasticization because of the strong intermolecular interactions arising from the polyimide functions as well as the ability of the polymer chains to hydrogen bond with one another as a ... Although not currently used in any major industrial separation, polyamide-imides could be used for these types of processes where chemical and mechanical stability ...