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As there are three distinct ways of performing the song/tune this section has been divided up.

Section 1 - Performed as a folk song

Album/Single Performer Year Variant Notes
"The Acoustic Recordings (1910-1911)" John McCormack 1911 "Molly Bawn" classic tenor
"Columbia World Library of Folk and Primitive Music: Ireland" Seamus Ennis 1955 (rec 1949/51) "Molly Bawn" .
"The Shooting of His Dear" (single on HMV) A.L. Lloyd 1951 "The Shooting of His Dear" .
"The Voice of the People: Good People Take Warning" Bess Cronin 2012 (rec 1952) "Molly Bawn"
"Folk Songs of Britain, Vol 7" Harry Cox 1962 (rec 1953) "Polly" .
"Columbia World Library of Folk and Primitive Music: England" A.L. Lloyd 1955 "Polly Vaughan" .
"The Maid From Ballingarry & Other songs From the Muscrai Tradition" John O'Connell 1999 (rec c1960) "Molly Ban" .
"Marine Folk songs" Louis Boutilier 1962 "As Jimmie Went A-Hunting" Not really a marine song
"Back Porch Bluegrass" The Dillards 1963 "Polly Vaughn" 1st USA version
"In The Wind" Peter Paul and Mary 1963 "Polly Von" Unusual spelling
"Hazards of Love" Anne Briggs 1964 "Polly Vaughan" Same as A.L. Lloyd version
"Sings at the Toronto Horseshoe Club" Mac Wiseman 1965/2001 "Molly Bawn" .
"Byker Hill" Martin Carthy 1967 "Fowler Jack" Unusual title
"Ballads and Songs of the Upper Hudson Valley" Sarah Cleveland 1968 (rec 1966) "Molly Bawn" USa version
"Power of the True Love Knot" Shirley Collins 1968 "Polly Vaughan" Tune composed by Collins
"Mainly Norfolk" Peter Bellamy 1968 "The Shooting of His Dear" from Walter Pardon
"At It Again" The Dubliners 1968 "Molly Bawn" .
"The Voice of the People vol 3" Phoebe Smith 1998 (rec 1969) "Molly Vaughan" .
"The Voice of the People vol 6" Packie Manus Byrne 1998 (rec 1974) "Molly Bawn" .
"Folk Songs from Hampshire" Cheryl Jordan 1974 "Polly Vaughan" .
"Songs Of a Donegal Man" Packie Byrne 1975 "Molly Bawn" .
"On Banks of Green willow" Tony Rose 1976 "Polly Vaughn" .
"Dark Ships in the Forest" John Roberts and Tony Barrand 1977 "Polly Vaughn" .
"You Can't Fool The Fat Man" Dave Burland 1979 "The Shooting of His Dear" .
"Step Outside" Oysterband 1986 "Molly Bond" .
"Good as I Been to You" Bob Dylan 1992 "Polly Vaughan" This is an out-take. Circulating amongst collectors "Dylan and David Bromberg Sessions"
"Them Stars" Margaret MacArthur 1996 "Polly Vaughn" .
"Voices - English Traditional Songs" Patti Reid 1997 "Fowler" .
"Racing Hearts" Al Petteway and Amy White 1999 "Polly Vaughn" .
"Black Mountains Revisited" Julie Murphy 1999 "Polly Vaughan" .
"Put a Bit of Powder on it, Father" Walter Pardon 2000 "Polly Vaughn" .
"Far in the Mountains" Dan Tate 2000 "Molly Van" Unusual spelling
"Down The Old Plank Road: The Nashville Sessions" The Chieftains with Alison Krauss 2002 "Molly Ban" .
"Over the Edge" Moher 2003 "Molly Ban" .
"Red colour Sun" Pauline Scanlon 2004 "Molly Ban" .
"The Hardy Sons of Dan" Maggie Murphy 2004 "Molly Bawn" .
"Song Links 2" Dave Fletcher and Bill Whaley 2005 "Polly Vaughn" .
"A Promise of Light" Jamie Anderson 2005 "Polly Vaughn" .
"No Earthly Man" Alasdair Roberts 2005 "Molly Bawn" .
"Day is Dawning" Sussie Nielsen 2005 "Molly Bawn" .
"Of Milkmaids and Architects" Martha Tilston 2006 "Polly Vaughan" .
"Stranded" Craig; Morgan; Robson 2006 "Polly Vaughan" .
"Freedom Fields" Seth Lakeman 2006 "The Setting of the Sun" Unusual title
"The Weeping Well" The Great Park 2007 "Polly Vaughan" .
"A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection" Alison Krauss 2007 "Molly Ban" .
"Night Visiting" Bella Hardy 2007 "Molly Vaughan" .
"Bring Me Home" Peggy Seeger 2008 "Molly Bond" .
"Footsteps" Chris de Burgh 2008 "Polly Von" .

Section 2 - Performed as a classical music arrangement

Benjamin Britten wrote many arrangements of folksongs. "Folksong Arrangements - volume 6" contains "The Shooting of His Dear". Ernest John Moeran composed "Six Folk Songs from Norfolk" in 1923. The 5th song is "The Shooting of his Dear". According to Barry Marsh, the song became as basis for Moeran's Symphony in G minor.

Album/Single Performer Year Variant Notes
"Music For voice and guitar" Peter Pears and Julian Bream (1993,recorded 1964) "The Shooting of His Dear" The Britten version
"Britten: The Complete Folksong arrangements" Jamie MacDougall and Craig Lewis 1994 "The Shooting of His Dear" .
"Down By The Salley Gardens" Benjamin Luxon and David Willison 2001 "The Shooting of His Dear" .
"Scarborough Fair" James Griffett 2002 "The shooting of his dear" arr Britten
"The Fowler"(single) Christine Smallman + choir unknown The Fowler" (arranged by Moeran)

Section 3 - Performed as an instrumental

Album/Single Performer Year Variant Notes
"Traditional Music of Ireland" Joe Burke with Charlie Lennon c 1973 "Molly Bán" .
"Old Hag You Have Killed Me" The Bothy Band 1976 "Molly Ban" In the set called "Michael Gorman's"
"Traditional Music of Ireland" James Kelly, Paddy O'Brien & Daithi Sproule 1981 "Molly Bawn (White-Haired Molly)" .
"Carousel" Seamus McGuire, Manus McGuire and Daithi Sproule 1984 "An Cailin Bán" .
"A Whistle on the Wind" Joanie Madden 1994 "Molly Ban" .
"Under the Moon" Martin Hayes 1994 "Fair Haired Molly" Unusual title
"Traditional Music from the Legendary East Clare Fiddler" Paddy Canny 1997 "Molly Bawn" .
"The Wide World Over" The Chieftains 2002 "Little Molly" Unusual title
"Ragairne" Seamus Begley & Jim Murray 2002 "Cailin Ban" .
"Down the Line" Ciaran Tourish 2005 "Molly Bán" .
"Bakerswell" Bakerswell 2005 "Molly Ban" .
"Duck Soup" Duck Soup 2005 "Molly Bawn" .
"In Session" Eoin O'Neill 2006 "Molly Ban" .
"The House I Was Reared In" Christy McNamara 2007 "Molly Bán" .

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