Pollicipes Pollicipes

Pollicipes pollicipes, known as the goose neck barnacle, goose barnacle or leaf barnacle is a species of goose barnacle, also well known under the taxonomic synonym Pollicipes cornucopia. It is closely related to Pollicipes polymerus, a species with the same common names, but found on the Pacific coast of North America, and to Pollicipes elegans a species from the coast of Chile. It is found on rocky shores in the north-east Atlantic Ocean and is prized as a delicacy, especially in the Iberian Peninsula.

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Pollicipes Pollicipes - Ecology
... Pollicipes pollicipes grows in groups on rocks, as well as on the hulls of shipwrecks and on driftwood ... pollicipes to have a varied diet, including diatoms, detritus, large crustaceans, copepods, shrimp and molluscs ... pollicipes is harvested for consumption in many parts of its range, mostly for the Spanish market, where it may sell for as much as €90 per kilogram ...