Politics of Rhodesia

Politics Of Rhodesia

This article relates to Southern Rhodesia up to 1964 and Rhodesia thereafter. For other uses of the name, see Rhodesia (disambiguation)

Rhodesia was a democratic nation in the sense that it had the Westminster parliamentary system with multiple political parties contesting the seats in parliament, but as the voting was dominated by the White settler minority and that the black Africans only had a minority level of representation at that time, it was regarded as a racist state internationally.

The political party that held sway throughout the UDI years was the Rhodesian Front, later known as the Republican Front. Ian Smith remained Prime Minister until it became Zimbabwe Rhodesia in 1979.

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... When white minority rule was no longer tenable, Rhodesia moved first to a form of power sharing ('the internal settlement') and then to majority rule ... At this point Rhodesia ceased to exist as a political entity and was replaced by Zimbabwe ...

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