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Elections and Voter Registrations

The following table shows all the U.S. states and to what party (Democratic or Republican) their state governors belong. Also indicated is the majority party of the state legislatures' upper and lower houses as well as U.S. Senate representation. Nebraska's legislature is unicameral, i.e., it has only one legislative house and is officially non-partisan, though party affiliation still has an unofficial influence on the legislative process.

The simplest measure of the party strength in a state's voting population is the breakdown-by-party totals from its voter registration figures (figures that can easily be obtained from the websites of the Secretaries of State or the Boards of Elections of the various states). As of 2010, 28 states and the District of Columbia allow registered voters to indicate a party preference when registering to vote; the following 22 states (mostly in the South and the Midwest) do not provide for party preferences in voter registration: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. The partisan breakdown "demographics" provided in the following table are obtained from that state's party registration figures (from late 2010 whenever possible) where indicated. Only Wyoming has a majority of registered voters identifying themselves as Republicans; five states have a majority of registered voters identifying themselves as Democrats: Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Louisiana.

State 2012 Presidential Election Governor Upper House Majority Lower House Majority Senior U.S. Senator Junior U.S. Senator U.S. House Delegation Demographics
Alabama Republican Republican Republican 22-12-1(a) Republican 66-39 Republican Republican Republican 6-1 Republican
Alaska Republican Republican Coalition(d) 16-4 Republican 24-16 Republican Democratic Republican 1-0 Republican
Arizona Republican Republican Republican 21-9 Republican 40-20 Republican Republican Republican 5-3 Republican
Arkansas Republican Democratic Democratic 20-15 Democratic 54-46 Democratic Republican Republican 3-1 Democratic
California Democratic Democratic Democratic 25-15 Democratic 52-28 Democratic Democratic Democratic 34-19 Democratic
Colorado Democratic Democratic Democratic 20-15 Republican 33-32 Democratic Democratic Republican 4-3 Republican
Connecticut Democratic Democratic Democratic 22-14 Democratic 99-52 Independent(a) Democratic Democratic 5-0 Democratic
Delaware Democratic Democratic Democratic 14-7 Democratic 26-15 Democratic Democratic Democratic 1-0 Democratic
Florida Democratic Republican Republican 26-14 Republican 76-44 Democratic Republican Republican 17-10 Democratic
Georgia Republican Republican Republican 36-20 Republican 116-63-1(a) Republican Republican Republican 8-5 Republican
Hawaii Democratic Democratic Democratic 24-1 Democratic 43-8 Democratic Democratic Democratic 2-0 Democratic
Idaho Republican Republican Republican 28-7 Republican 57-13 Republican Republican Republican 2-0 Republican
Illinois Democratic Democratic Democratic 35-24 Democratic 64-54 Democratic Republican Republican 11-8 Democratic
Indiana Republican Republican Republican 37-13 Republican 60-40 Republican Republican Republican 6-3 Republican
Iowa Democratic Republican Democratic 26-23(b) Republican 60-40 Republican Democratic Democratic 3-2 Republican
Kansas Republican Republican Republican 32-8 Republican 92-33 Republican Republican Republican 4-0 Republican
Kentucky Republican Democratic Republican 23-15 Democratic 59-41 Republican Republican Republican 4-2 Democratic
Louisiana Republican Republican Republican 24-15 Republican 58-45-2(a) Democratic Republican Republican 6-1 Democratic
Maine Democratic Republican Republican 19-15-1(a) Republican 77-72-1(a)-1(b) Republican Republican Democratic 2-0 Democratic
Maryland Democratic Democratic Democratic 35-12 Democratic 98-43 Democratic Democratic Democratic 6-2 Democratic
Massachusetts Democratic Democratic Democratic 36-4 Democratic 126-33-1(b) Democratic Republican Democratic 10-0 Democratic
Michigan Democratic Republican Republican 26-12 Republican 63-47 Democratic Democratic Republican 9-6 Democratic
Minnesota Democratic Democratic Republican 37-30 Republican 72-62 Democratic Democratic Split 4-4 Democratic
Mississippi Republican Republican Republican 30-22 Republican 64-58 Republican Republican Republican 3-1 Republican
Missouri Republican Democratic Republican 26-8 Republican 106-57 Democratic Republican Republican 6-3 Republican
Montana Republican Democratic Republican 28-22 Republican 68-32 Democratic Democratic Republican 1-0 Republican
Nebraska Republican Republican Unicameral nonpartisan legislature Democratic Republican Republican 3-0 Republican
Nevada Democratic Republican Democratic 11-10 Democratic 26-16 Democratic Republican Republican 2-1 Democratic
New Hampshire Democratic Democratic Republican 19-5 Republican 293-105-2(b) Democratic Republican Republican
New Jersey Democratic Republican Democratic 24-16 Democratic 48-32 Democratic Democratic Democratic 7-6 Democratic
New Mexico Democratic Republican Democratic 27-15 Democratic 36-33-1 Democratic Democratic Democratic 2-1 Democratic
New York Democratic Democratic Republican 32-29-1(b) Democratic 100-49-1(b) Democratic Democratic Democratic 20-8 Democratic
North Carolina Republican Democratic Republican 31-19 Republican 68-52 Republican Democratic Democratic 7-6 Democratic
North Dakota Republican Republican Republican 35-12 Republican 69-25 Democratic Republican Republican 1-0 Republican
Ohio Democratic Republican Republican 23-10 Republican 59-40 Democratic Republican Republican 13-5 Republican
Oklahoma Republican Republican Republican 31-16-1(b) Republican 68-31-2(b) Republican Republican Republican 4-1 Democratic
Oregon Democratic Democratic Democratic 16-14 Split 30-30(e) Democratic Democratic Democratic 4-1 Democratic
Pennsylvania Democratic Republican Republican 30-20 Republican 110-87-6(b) Democratic Republican Republican 12-7 Democratic
Rhode Island Democratic Independent Democratic 29-8-1(a) Democratic 65-10 Democratic Democratic Democratic 2-0 Democratic
South Carolina Republican Republican Republican 26-19-1(b) Republican 76-48 Republican Republican Republican 5-1 Republican
South Dakota Republican Republican Republican 30-5 Republican 51-19 Democratic Republican Republican 1-0 Republican
Tennessee Republican Republican Republican 20-13 Republican 65-34 Republican Republican Republican 7-2 Republican
Texas Republican Republican Republican 19-12 Republican 102-48 Republican Republican Republican 23-9 Republican
Utah Republican Republican Republican 22-7 Republican 58-17 Republican Republican Republican 2-1 Republican
Vermont Democratic Democratic Democratic 22-8 Democratic 102-47(b) Democratic Independent(a) Democratic 1-0 Democratic
Virginia Democratic Republican Republican 20-20(h) Republican 68-32 Democratic Democratic Republican 8-3 Republican
Washington Democratic Democratic Democratic 27-22 Democratic 55-42 Democratic Democratic Democratic 5-4 Democratic
West Virginia Republican Democratic Democratic 28-6 Democratic 65-35 Democratic Democratic Republican 2-1 Democratic
Wisconsin Democratic Republican Democratic 17-16(i) Republican 59-39-1(a) Democratic Republican Republican 5-3 Democratic
Wyoming Republican Republican Republican 26-4 Republican 50-10 Republican Republican Republican 1-0 Republican
President Governor State Upper House Majority State Lower House Majority U.S. Senate U.S. House of Representatives
Democratic 332-206(f) Republican 29-20-1 Republican 29(h)-19-1(d)-1(c) Republican 31-17-1(e) Democratic 53-47 Republican 242-193

(a) Independent/Third Party. Independent caucusing with different party.

(b) Vacancy.

(d) The Alaska State Senate has a coalition majority of all the senate's Democrats and several Republicans, with the remaining Republicans in the minority.

(e) Tied Chamber.

(g) Indicated partisan breakdown numbers are from the registration-by-party figures from that state's registered voter statistics (late 2010 party registration figures provided whenever possible).

(h) As a result of the 2011 legislative elections in Virginia, the Virginia State Senate is tied between the parties, 20-20. But the Republican Lt. Governor is allowed to cast tie-breaking votes in the Virginia State Senate, giving Republicans operational control of the chamber.

(i) At the beginning of the legislative session, the Wisconsin Senate had 19 Republicans and 14 Democrats. The 2011 and 2012 recall elections resulted in three Republicans losing their seats and Democrats taking a one-seat majority for the remainder of the session.

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