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Mark Halperin - Career
... In 1997 he was named the political director for ABC News ... As director, Halperin appeared frequently as a correspondent and political analyst for ABC News television and radio programs ... In March 2007, Halperin became a political analyst for ABC News and was replaced as political director by David Chalian ...
List Of CNN Anchors - Political Analysts
... Gloria Borger – Chief Political Analyst Jack Cafferty – Commentator Candy Crowley – Senior Political Correspondent David Gergen – Senior Political Analyst John King – Chief ...
Kenneth F. Warren
... Warren is a professor of political science at Saint Louis University and the president of The Warren Poll ... for various media, government, and political clients, including former House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt ... Warren served as a political analyst for local, national, and international media for over 20 years ...
Subramaniam Sinniah - Bad Blood With Samy Vellu
... According to Australian political analyst, the Indian community did not reject Malaysian Indian congress but only Samy Vellu and his cronies ... According to some political analyst a shift of power will take place soon and Dato Subra will bring a fresh air for Indians.Resignation of MIC youth chief S.A ... Some political analyst believe that Sothinathan was planted by Samy Velu to split Dato Subra vote and gain easy win for Palanivel ...

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    Freudianism is much more nearly a religion than a science, inasmuch as the relation between analyst and patient has a great deal in common with that between priest and communicant at confessional, and such ideas as the Oedipus complex, the superego, the libido, and the id exert an effect upon the converted which is almost identical with what flows to the devout Christian from godhead, trinity, grace, and immortality.
    Robert Nisbet (b. 1913)

    Political life at Washington is like political life in a suburban vestry.
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)