Polish Heraldry

Polish heraldry is a branch of heraldry focused on studying the development of coats of arms in the lands of historical Poland (and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), as well as specifically-Polish traits of heraldry. The term is also used to refer to Polish heraldic system, as opposed to systems used elsewhere, notably in Western Europe. As such, it is an integral part of the history of the szlachta, the Polish nobility.

Because of a distinct evolution of feudal society in Poland, the heraldic traditions of Poland differ significantly from those in German lands, France or British Isles.

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Polish Heraldry - Peculiarities - Tinctures
... Tincture Heraldic name Polish name Metals Gold/Yellow Or Złoto Silver/White Argent Srebro Colours Blue Azure Błękit Red Gules Czerwień Purple Purpure Purpura Black Sable Czerń Green Vert Ziele ...
Kur Coat Of Arms - History
... of arms and its battle cry is noted in Polish heraldry in 1496 ... privilege made the Masovian nobility equal to Polish in rights which explain that the documents regarding the Clan of Kur is not act of nobility but act of equal rights ... Before adding Kur coat of arms to polish heraldry 1496, the name was known as Kokoty and is noted in court documents referring to Mikołaj Kiczka in 1426 ...

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