Policy Framework - Principles - Pricing


a) Free dissemination of Government-held information is appropriate where:

  • dissemination to a target audience is desirable for a public policy purpose, or
  • a charge to recover the cost of dissemination is not feasible or cost-effective

b) Pricing to recover the cost of dissemination is appropriate where:

  • there is no particular public policy reason to disseminate the information, and
  • a charge to recover the cost of dissemination is both feasible and cost effective

c) Pricing to recover the cost of transformation is appropriate where:

  • pricing to recover the cost of dissemination is appropriate, and
  • there is an avoidable cost involved in transforming the information from the form in which it is held into a form preferred by the recipient, where it is feasible and cost-effective to recover in addition to the cost of dissemination

d) Pricing to recover the full costs of information production and dissemination is appropriate where:

  • the information is created for the commercial purpose of sale at a profit, and
  • to do so would not breach the other pricing principles

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