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  • One "half" of a dipole
  • Pole, term used in electrical circuits used to describe switch contact variations
  • Pole (unit of length), a unit of length equal to 5½ yards, or 16½ feet (5.0292 metres): also known as a rod, or a perch
  • Landau pole, the energy scale where a coupling constant of a quantum field theory becomes infinite
  • Magnetic pole, one of the two ends of a magnet
  • Monopole (disambiguation)
    • Magnetic monopole, a hypothetical particle that may be loosely described as a magnet with only one pole
    • Monopole (mathematics), a connection over a principal bundle G with a section (the Higgs field) of the associated adjoint bundle
    • Monopole (wine), an appellation controlled by a single winery
    • Monopole antenna, a radio antenna that replaces half of a dipole antenna with a ground plane at right-angles to the remaining half
  • Mathematics
    • Pole (complex analysis), a certain type of mathematical singularity
    • An element of the configuration of perspective triangles
    • Pole and polar, a point that describes the position and orientation of a line with respect to a given circle
    • Pole and polar line, a duality with respect to conics in projective geometry
  • Meteorology
    • Polar climate, the climate of the polar regions, characterized by a lack of warm summers
    • Polar front, the boundary region between the polar cell and the Ferrel cell in each hemisphere
  • Pole figure, a method for representing crystal symmetry

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