Point Sparring

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Tang Soo Do - Free Sparring
... Though variation is extensive, Tang Soo Do free-sparring is similar to competitive matches in other traditional Okinawan, Japanese and Korean striking systems and may include elements of American freestyle point ... Tang Soo Do sparring consist of point matches that are based on the three-point rule (first contestant to score three points wins) or a two-minute rule (a tally of points ... and lead and rear-arm hand techniques all score equally (one point per technique) ...
Kumite - Competition
... of a scoring system is that the first competitor to take eight points in three minutes wins the bout ... Kumite is an essential part of karate training, and free sparring is often experienced as exciting, because both opponents have to react and adapt to each other very quickly ... two times, the other person gains a point ...

Famous quotes containing the words sparring and/or point:

    A black boxer’s career is the perfect metaphor for the career of a black male. Every day is like being in the gym, sparring with impersonal opponents as one faces the rudeness and hostility that a black male must confront in the United States, where he is the object of both fear and fascination.
    Ishmael Reed (b. 1938)

    All people who have reached the point of becoming nations tend to despise foreigners, but there is not much doubt that the English-speaking races are the worst offenders. One can see this from the fact that as soon as they become fully aware of any foreign race they invent an insulting nickname for it.
    George Orwell (1903–1950)