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Please Save My Earth, like early manga series that suddenly become popular for many different manga artists careers', is an illustration of the development and transition of Hiwatari Saki from a novice to an experienced manga artist. The difference in art style between the volume 1 and volume 21 of the manga is quite drastic, as illustrated in the image to the right.

Another notable point is that Hiwatari Saki appears to be quite the manga otaku, as illustrated by the significant number of homages to various classic anime and manga sprinkled throughout the manga. Additionally, Shion, the main male romantic interest himself, is shown to be quite the manga otaku.

Manga volume 1
The dinosaurs sing the theme song of Uchusenkan Yamato/Star Blazers on pages 7-8.
Manga volume 3
Doraemon's theme song is sung by Issei and Rin on page 43, on page 91 he appears on a billboard, and he is mentioned again on page 100.
Black Jack gets a name drop on page 22.
Saint Seiya gets several shout-outs this volume, the first, Hyoga and Shiryu are seen outside the hospital on page 22.
Saint Seiya surprises us with another appearance on page 34 when most if not all of the heroes are listed on the class rosters.
Saint Seiya appears again as Rin poses in the Andromeda armor while Alice is shown in the Phoenix armor on page 41.
Saint Seiya is holding strong as Issei poses with Jinpachi as Shun (female) and Hyoga (male) respectively on page 86.
Manga volume 5
Issei's sister Kyoko's character design is noted here as being influenced by Osamu Tezuka and is a homage to classic style shōjo manga artists such as Miyako Maki, Makoto Takahashi, Hikdeko Mizuno, and Shotaro Ishimori (a guy).
Manga volume 6
Osamu Tezuka is mentioned in the Editor's Commons, explaining his background and that he was a humanitarian (similar to how Hiwatari has environmental themes in her manga).
The 1979 anime Tarō the Dragon Boy gets a mention by Mrs. Yakushimaru on page 77.
Manga volume 8
A 1970s-era story called "Uchuusen Pepe Pepe Ran" is mentioned in a 1/4 column by Hiwatari on pg31, with a plot surprisingly similar to the scientists' background.
Manga volume 9
Shion is seen reading Jungle Emperor by Osamu Tezuka on page 151.
Manga volume 10
A monster from the video game Dragon Quest appears on page 133.
Manga volume 11
Rin is seen reading a Hana to Yume monthly on pages 80-93, the same anthology in which PSME was published in Japan.
Manga volume 15
Mokuren is seen on page 184 making the pose and jingle associated with classic Betty Boop.

From volume 16 and on, the Editor's Comments section was omitted from the English-language adaptation by Viz, as P. Duffield, the Editor and one responsible for them, was no longer working on the project, as mentioned in the final segment of Editor's Comments in volume 15.

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