Plasma Sheet

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Magnetosphere Of Jupiter - Structure - Size and Shape
... flow, called a magnetosphere, composed of a plasma different from that of the solar wind ... the boundary separating the denser and colder solar wind's plasma from the hotter and less dense one within Jupiter's magnetosphere is called the magnetopause ... The lobes are separated by a thin layer of plasma called the tail current sheet (orange layer in the middle) ...
Magnetosphere Of Jupiter - Dynamics - Co-rotation and Radial Currents
... Jupiter is filled with highly conductive plasma, the electrical circuit is closed through it ... flows along the magnetic field lines from the ionosphere to the equatorial plasma sheet ... This current then flows radially away from the planet within the equatorial plasma sheet and finally returns to the planetary ionosphere from the outer reaches of the magnetosphere along the field lines connected to ...
Jupiter - Magnetosphere
... from the atmosphere of Jupiter, form a plasma sheet in Jupiter's equatorial plane ... The plasma in the sheet co-rotates with the planet causing deformation of the dipole magnetic field into that of magnetodisk ... Electrons within the plasma sheet generate a strong radio signature that produces bursts in the range of 0.6–30 MHz ...

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