Plank Road

A plank road or puncheon is a dirt path or road covered with a series of planks, similar to the wooden sidewalks one would see in a Western movie. Plank roads were very popular in Ontario, the U.S. Northeast and U.S. Midwest in the first half of the 19th century. They were often built by turnpike companies.

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Pennsylvania Route 474 - History
... follows the alignment of the Wattsburg and State Line Plank Road ... The plank road was first chartered on March 25, 1851, when the Pennsylvania State Legislature enacted eight commissioners to start the private highway ... The charter detailed that the to-be-constructed plank road was assigned to head from the intersection with North Street in the community of Wattsburg to the New York state line ...
Monmouth County Plank Road
... The Monmouth County Plank Road was a plank road in New Jersey, running north from Freehold to Keyport by way of Matawan ... The Monmouth County Plank Road was chartered February 20, 1850 to run from Freehold to Keyport ...
Plank Roads in Australia
... In Perth, Western Australia, plank roads were important in the early growth of the agricultural and outer urban areas, given the distances imposed by swamps and relatively infertile soil ... As it cost UKĀ£2,000 per kilometre to construct roads by conventional means, the local councils (known as road boards) were experimenting with cheaper approaches to ... m-long sleepers, bounded by two 70 cm-wide strips of jarrah planks for cart and carriage wheels ...
Hackensack Plank Road
... The Hackensack Plank Road was a major artery which connected the cities of Hoboken and Hackensack, New Jersey Like its cousin routes, the Newark Plank Road and Paterson Plank Road, it travelled over ... It was originally built as a colonial turnpike road as Hackensack and Hoboken Turnpike The route of which mostly still exists today with some segments called another ... It was during the 19th century that plank roads were developed, often by private companies which charged a toll ...
Cogan House Covered Bridge - History - Background
... In 1850 a plank road was built in Lycoming County, from the mouth of Larrys Creek to the borough of Salladasburg, Pennsylvania ... Another branch of the plank road followed Larrys Creek itself north from Salladasburg ... from and went to the English Center tannery via White Pine, seeking to avoid traffic on the plank road along the Second Fork ...

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    The rangey bough anticipated fruit
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    I stepped from Plank to Plank
    A slow and cautious way
    Emily Dickinson (1830–1886)