Places in Ile-Rien - Maiuta


A large, jungle-riddled island in the South Seas, it is populated by warring tribes who are often exploited by the more advanced nations. It has few ports or towns. Aberdon has founded a colony there. There are numerous islands surround Maiuta, hence the whole archipelago is referred to as the 'Maiutan Islands.'

The island is occupied by the Gardier in The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy, who use it as a naval and airbase to mount their operations. The colonists and missionaries of the Benevolent Order of Dane from Aberdon have been seized and used as forced labor.

The World and Setting of Ile-Rien by Martha Wells
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  • Death of the Necromancer (1998)
  • The Fall of Ile-Rien Trilogy (2003)
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