Places in Ile-Rien - Capidara


A nation-state on a continent that bears the same name, it lies across the Western Ocean from Ile-Rien. Its principal city is called Capistown. Capidara is governed, at least partially, by a Senate. The most common language is Rienish, suggesting that Capidara may be a daughter-colony of Ile-Rien.

The landmass of Capidara was inhabited by indigenous peoples called the Massians. They are aboriginal people with shamanistic religions. They appear to be a cross of the Native Americans, Polynesians and Australian Aborigines. They have been pushed to the margins of society and support themselves by selling native-made trinkets and outright begging. Most Capidarans regard them as uncivilized and while look upon them with disdain.

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Places In Ile-Rien - Capidara - Capistown
... The capital city of Capidara, it is a port city ... During the The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy, Capidara is connected to Ile-Rien and the other nations by regular sea travel, including ocean liners ... Capidara is an ally in the war, and would send regular aid but for the dangers over the open ocean crossings presented by the Gardier airships ...