Pinoy Dream Academy (season 1) - Finale: Grand Dream Night

Finale: Grand Dream Night

After sixteen weeks of training, six finalists remained. The Pinoy Dream Academy culminated with the "Grand Dream Night", which will proclaim the "Grand Star Dreamer", held on December 16, 2006 at the Araneta Coliseum packed with thousands of fans and supporters.

After the honor list of six performed along with guest singers, voting was temporarily closed to find out who made it in the top three. Panky, Chad, and Irish rounded out the bottom three while Ronnie, Jay-R, and Yeng had the highest number of votes. The top three faced off each other with solo performances.

Garnering 558,912 votes or 29.9% of the total votes, Ronnie was declared as Pinoy Dream Academy's second runner-up. Yeng won the competition becoming the first "Grand Star Dreamer" getting a total of 697,648 votes (37.32%) placing Jay-R as the first runner-up with 612,767 votes (32.77%). The total number of votes of the top 6 from December 2–16, 2006 was 2,956,362 votes.

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