Piece To Camera

A piece to camera is the television and film term used for when a presenter or a character speaks directly to the viewing audience through the camera.

It is most common when a news or television show presenter is reporting or explaining items to the viewing audience. Indeed, news programmes usually take the form of a combination of both interviews and pieces to camera. There are three type of "piece to camera" (PTC)- 1. opening PTC - when presenter opens-up the news, and introduce himself/herself to the audience. 2. bridge PTC - information that presenter gives to bridge the gap between empty space. 3. conclusive or closing PTC - ending of news where the presenter acknowledge itself and the cameraman, place and the news channel.

The term also applies to the period when an actor, playing a fictional character in a film or on television, talks into the camera and hence directly to the audience. Depending on the genre of the show, this may or may not be considered as a breaking the fourth wall.

Famous quotes containing the words camera and/or piece:

    The camera is a killing chamber, which speeds up the time it claims to be conserving. Like coffins exhumed and prised open, the photographs put on show what we were and what we will be again.
    Peter Conrad (b. 1948)

    I’m right here to tell you, mister. There ain’t nobody gonna push me off my land. My grandpa took up this land seventy years ago. My pa was born here. We was all born on it. And some of us was killed on it. And some of us died on it. That’s what makes it ourn. Bein’ born on it. And workin’ on it. And dyin’ on it. And not no piece of paper with writin’ on it.
    Nunnally Johnson (1897–1977)