Pick - Tools and Weapons

Tools and Weapons

  • Afro pick, a type of comb typically for kinky, coiled hair
  • Horseman's pick, a weapon used by medieval cavalry units in Europe
  • Pickaxe, a hand tool
  • Icepick
  • Lockpick (disambiguation), a tool used for lock picking

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Famous quotes containing the words weapons and/or tools:

    Boys should not play with weapons more dangerous than they understand.
    —E.T.A.W. (Ernst Theodor Amadeus Wilhelm)

    Think of the tools in a tool-box: there is a hammer, pliers, a saw, a screwdriver, a rule, a glue-pot, nails and screws.—The function of words are as diverse as the functions of these objects.
    Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889–1951)