Pholus commonly refers to:

  • A centaur planetoid, 5145 Pholus, discovered in 1992 by David L. Rabinowitz
  • Pholus (mythology), a wise Centaur killed indirectly through the actions of Herakles
  • Pholus (astrology), hidden potential becoming slowly but thoroughly manifest

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Pholus - Insects
... Lycomorpha Pholus, a black and red moth in the genus Lycomorpha classified by Dru Drury Darapsa Pholus, the Azalea Sphinx Moth in the genus Darapsa ...
Pholus (mythology) - Pholus, Chiron, and The Other Centaurs
... Pholus, like Chiron, was civilized, and indeed in art sometimes shared the "human-centaur" form in which Chiron was usually depicted (that is, he was a man from head to toe, but with the center and ... This form was of course used to differentiate Chiron and Pholus from all other centaurs, who were mostly represented as men only from the head to the waist, and therefore more animal-like ... To further account for the unusually civil behavior of Pholus, the author of the Bibliotheca wrote that his parents were Silenus and one of the Meliae, thus differentiating him ...
Centaurus (Greek Mythology) - Constellation
... The myth goes that Heracles was out on a visit to his dear friend Pholus' house ... Pholus was a centaur and was having dinner with Heracles ... Pholus saw this and could not muster up the courage to tell his strong friend that he was not allowed to drink that wine ...
Chiron - History - Death
... had taken place during the visit of Heracles to the cave of Pholus on Mount Pelion in Thessaly when he visited his friend during his fourth labour in ... Pholus, who ate his food raw, was taken aback ... At Heracles' prompting, Pholus was forced to produce the vessel of sacred wine ...
Centaurs In Astrology - List of Centaurs - Pholus
... Pholus was the second centaur to be found, and because of this discovery the category "Centaur" was created ... Pholus was an intelligent centaur who one day was admiring Heracles' arrows, but accidentally dropped one, cutting his leg and killing himself ... It is said that Pholus represents "small cause, big effect." ...