Philipp Tischendorf

Philipp Tischendorf (born 7 June 1988 in Berlin, Germany) is a German figure skater. He is the 2007 German national silver medalist. Tischendorf is coached by Olympic silver medalist Romy Österreich.

He was injured in March 2007 while training a quadruple Lutz and had to sit out the 2007/2008 due to injury.

His mother was a gymnast. His father a volleyball player in the second highest league in East Germany. His brother Robert was football player for BFC Dynamo Berlin. His sister Nadine, who is 11 years older than Philipp, and his brother Max were also figure skaters. Nadine brought the three and a half year old Philipp to figure skating.

Tischendorf has attended the Werner-Seelenbinder-School in Berlin, a special school for sportsmen, since 1994. He is serving now in the Bundeswehr as a Sportsmen.

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