Philip Marc

Philip Marc was a High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the Royal Forests in 1208. Marc has been proposed as a candidate for the role of Sheriff of Nottingham in the legend of Robin Hood.

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Philip Marc - Popular Culture
... A sympathetic portrayal of Marc as the Sheriff was presented in the Richard Kluger novel "The Sheriff of Nottingham" ... In this version Marc is portrayed as a good man who has to make hard choices in a thankless job ... Another, more villainous, version of Marc directly fought Robin Hood in the short story "The Walnut-Hued Man of Sutton Passeys" by Jean Rabe, part of the anthology "Warrior ...
High Sheriff Of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire And The Royal Forests - 11th–14th Century
... Richard De Bello Campo (Richard Beauchamp) 1208 Gerard De Atia and Philip Marc 1209–1211 Philip Marc and Peter Markes 1212 Philip Marc and Eustace De Ludham (Sheriff of Yorkshire 1225). 1216–1221 Philip Marc 1222–1224 Ralph Fitz Nicholas 1225–1232 Ralph Fitz Nicholas and Hugo le Bell 1233–1234 Ralph Fitz Nicholas and William le Derley 1232 Eustace de Ludham 1234 Brian de Lisle (Also ...
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