Philip - Other Philips of Antiquity

Other Philips of Antiquity

  • Philippus of Croton (~6th c.BC) Olympic victor and legendary hero
  • Philip of Opus, one of Plato's students
  • Philip (son of Antipater), general of Alexander the Great
  • Philip (son of Machatas) builder of Alexandria on the Indus
  • Philip, brother of Lysimachus and youngest son of Agathocles of Pella
  • Philip (son of Alcimachus of Apollonia), son of Alcimachus of Apollonia and nephew of Lysimachus
  • Philip (son of Lysimachus), one of the sons of Lysimachus from his wife Arsinoe II
  • Philip (first husband of Berenice I of Egypt), son of Amyntas and first husband of Berenice I
  • Philip (satrap), Greek satrap of Sogdiana and governor of Parthia
  • Philip I Philadelphus, ruler of the Hellenistic Seleucid kingdom
  • Philip II Philoromaeus, last ruler of the Hellenistic Seleucid kingdom
  • Lucius Marcius Philippus (consul 56 BC), a Roman statesman
  • Herod II, aka Herod Philip I, son of Herod the Great and husband of Herodias
  • Philip the Tetrarch (aka Herod Philip II, son of Herod the Great and ruler of Ituraea and Trachonitis
  • Philippus of Thessalonica, epigrammatic Greek poet and compiler of an Anthology
  • Philip the Arab, Roman emperor from 244 to 249
  • Philip of Side, Byzantine historian of the early Christian church
  • Philippikos Bardanes, Byzantine Emperor
  • Antipope Philip
  • Philip the Apostle from the Bible
  • Philip the Evangelist from the Bible

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