Phase Constant

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Propagation Constant - Phase Constant
... In electromagnetic theory, the phase constant, also called phase change constant, parameter or coefficient is the imaginary component of the propagation constant for a plane wave ... It represents the change in phase per metre along the path travelled by the wave at any instant and is equal to real part of the angular wavenumber of the wave ... Since wave phase velocity is given by it is proved that β is required to be proportional to ω ...
Soliton (optics) - Temporal Solitons - Proof
... If the field is propagating towards z with a phase constant, then it can be expressed in the following form where is the maximum amplitude of the field, is the envelope that shapes the impulse in the time ... domain is Now we can solve Helmholtz equation in the frequency domain we decide to express the phase constant with the following notation where we assume that (the sum of the linear ... The phase constant can have any complicated behavior, but we can represent it with a Taylor series centered on where, as known we put the expression of the electric field in the ...
Index Of Physics Articles - G
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