Performance Decline

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Redundancy (engineering) - Function of Redundancy
... Both functions prevent performance decline from exceeding specification limits without human intervention using extra capacity ... Performance decline is commonly associated with passive redundancy when a limited number of failures occur ... Active redundancy eliminates performance decline by monitoring performance of individual device, and this monitoring is used in voting logic ...
System Design For High Availability
... capacity in the design to accommodate a performance decline ... to be a failure unless the resulting performance decline exceeds the specification limits for the entire system ... Active redundancy is used in complex systems to achieve high availability with no performance decline ...

Famous quotes containing the words decline and/or performance:

    Or else I thought her supernatural;
    As though a sterner eye looked through her eye
    On this foul world in its decline and fall,
    On gangling stocks grown great, great stocks run dry,
    Ancestral pearls all pitched into a sty,
    Heroic reverie mocked by clown and knave....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    Nobody can misunderstand a boy like his own mother.... Mothers at present can bring children into the world, but this performance is apt to mark the end of their capacities. They can’t even attend to the elementary animal requirements of their offspring. It is quite surprising how many children survive in spite of their mothers.
    Norman Douglas (1868–1952)