• (adj): (especially of ears) quickly lifted up or out in attention; 'perched' is obsolete.
    Synonyms: perked, perked up

Some articles on perched:

Form - Perched Water Tables
... A perched water table (or perched aquifer) is an aquifer that occurs above the regional water table, in the vadose zone ... If a perched aquifer's flow intersects the Earth's dry surface, at a valley wall for example, the water is discharged as a spring ...
Fraser Island - Geography and Ecology - Lakes
... It is a perched lake sitting on top of compact sand and vegetable matter 100 metres (330 ft) above sea level ... has been measured in some of the island's perched lakes ... Another perched lake on the island is Lake Boomanjin, which at 200 hectares in size, is the largest perched lake in the world ...
Perched Coastline
... A perched coastline is a fossil coastline currently above the present coastline ... Perched coastlines can be created by higher sea levels in the past than today ... This has created evidence of perched coastlines all around the world ...
Aquifer - Classification - Confined Versus Unconfined
... The term "perched" refers to ground water accumulating above a low-permeability unit or strata, such as a clay layer ... The difference between perched and unconfined aquifers is their size (perched is smaller) ...
Sheffield Wednesday F.C. - Colours, Crest and Traditions - Crest and Mascots
... introduced in 1956 and consisted of a shield showing a traditionally drawn owl perched on a branch ... a minimalist version that shows a stylised owl with a large round head and eyes perched on the letters S.W.F.C ... It again featured a traditionally drawn owl perched on a branch although the design of both had changed ...

Famous quotes containing the word perched:

    Two bloodless wolves whose dry throats rattle,
    Two crows perched on the murrained cattle,
    Two vipers tangled into one.
    Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822)