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List Of Star Fox Cast Members - Voice Actors - English
... Falco Lombardi Adventures Henry Dardenne Peppy Hare Assault Estelle Ellis Krystal Adventures Gray Eubank General Pepper Assault Alésia Glidewell Krystal Assault Aparoid Queen Krystal ...
List Of Star Fox Characters - Star Fox Team - Peppy Hare
... Peppy Hare (ペッピー・ヘア, Peppī Hea?) is a hare who is a member of the original Star Fox team, with leader James McCloud and wingmate Pigma Dengar ... After Pigma's betrayal and James' capture, Peppy narrowly escapes to return to Corneria to inform Fox McCloud of his father's fate ... Ever since then, Peppy serves as Fox's mentor and frequently gives Fox instructions and advice throughout the course of the games ...

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